Respite Care

Although caregivers are superheroes, it is important to remember that they have needs and limitations. It is essential for caregivers to rest and attend to their own needs and respite care can provide this opportunity. The meaning of “respite” is to take a break from the daily challenges of caregiving.

About Alta Respite Care

Respite care can be planned to occur regularly or intermittently based upon the needs of the caregiver. Respite care can be an important component of overall support that caregivers may want to utilize for a variety of reasons, which is why our respite care program is formulated to alleviate the pressure and anxiety felt by most primary caregivers. Our respite care services provides individuals who requires assistance with completing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) so that caregivers can rest and recharge. Respite care can provide a much needed break from the intense challenges of caregiving. It may be simply a case of having an aide sit with the client for a few hours so a caregiver can complete some work or meet with friends, or it could involve an extended period of time a caregiver needs to attend to various other responsibilities and life activities.

Common Situation That Require Respite Care

  • The majority of responsibilities of providing care to individuals who need assistance fall upon the caregiver. This can be problematic when a caregiver eventually becomes overly exhausted or overwhelmed by the pressures to provide adequate care to their loved one. If a caregiver is worked into a position where they can no longer provide effective care, then the situation becomes hazardous for both the caregiver and the individual who relies upon the caregiver. Respite care can provide a worry free break for caregivers that will enable them to continue to fulfill their role over time. Respite care services are often used when:

    • A primary caregiver is overloaded with caregiving responsibilities or has too many other responsibilities to manage besides caregiving for a loved one
    • A caregiver has to travel somewhere and is temporarily unable to give the care normally provided
    • A caregiver needs a temporary break from an essential care responsibility
    • When a family is trying out a care facility or senior community to decide whether it is a good fit for their situation
    • A caregiving recipient needs a break or temporary change of pace from a current mode of care
    • A family is gradually transitioning their loved one to a care facility or senior community

Benefits of Respite Care

Alta Home Healthcare Services attempts to make life more manageable and simplified for everyone involved in the care plan by sharing essential caregiving responsibilities. Our care efforts focus on directly supporting primary caregivers and family members. Satisfying the entire range of ADLs needs for an individual who requires assistance often requires a lot of time, energy, and involvement. Our respite care services seek to alleviate the stress that is often associated with full or part-time caregiving. Respite care also helps to prevent caregiver burnout that can occur if the caregiver does not give their own needs enough attention. Our respite care services exist so that the lives of the individuals receiving care and their caregivers can better function in their daily lives.

Why Choose Us

Ways we are different

We are proponents of Continuity of Care.  It is important for our memory-care clients to have a regular caregiver—we know that new faces and unfamiliarity with the client’s routine are not conducive to a positive care environment. The client and caregiver develop a crucial working relationship, trust and imperative comfort level.

We typically invite our new clients and their families to interview several different caregivers that we feel would be a good fit and then make their own decision.


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