Geriatric Care Services

We provide in-home care services for seniors in the state of Maryland. Our services help seniors to successfully complete the essential Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). This support ensures seniors preserve as much self-sufficiency and independence as possible while family members and caregivers can feel secure knowing that their loved one is receiving compassionate and professional assistance.

Do you need our services?

If you are deciding whether in-home care is right for you or senior in your life, you should consider the following:

Basic Activity

Does the senior need assistance with completing basic Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)?


Is the caregiver or other family members able to provide the assistance needed?


What specific benefits will in-home care provide to seniors and their caregivers?


How experienced and/or qualified is the home care agency?

Situations Where Seniors/Adults may Need In-Homecare

A senior in your family may desire infrequent, minimal assistance with completing an activity for daily living, or they could be seeking to request daily assistance with ADLs. Family caregivers providing various degrees of ADLs assistance are the backbone of support for many seniors who are not able to do some of the things they could previously accomplish with ease. However, for various reasons, primary caregivers are not always able to physically be there for a loved one for every single support effort. Any senior who requires assistance with completing ADLs or requires more cognitive/social stimulation in their lives would be an ideal candidate for our senior in-home care services.

We provide in-home care services for seniors seeking to ensure that the senior under our care is able to complete all of the necessary ADLs needed in order to live safely and comfortably wherever they reside. The in-home care provided to a senior varies depending on their needs and the needs of their caregivers. The level of care can range from minimal assistance to more comprehensive 24/7 care and supervision. Alta Healthcare Services can greatly increase the quality-of-life for seniors by helping them live as self-sufficiently as possible in the familiar setting of a private residence or care facility.

Why Choose Us

Ways we are different

We are proponents of Continuity of Care.  It is important for our memory-care clients to have a regular caregiver—we know that new faces and unfamiliarity with the client’s routine are not conducive to a positive care environment. The client and caregiver develop a crucial working relationship, trust and imperative comfort level.

We typically invite our new clients and their families to interview several different caregivers that we feel would be a good fit and then make their own decision.


Responsiveness to our clients

We have an excellent record for quickly responding to clients and families who were not prepared, or were not expecting to need to seek care. We are available 24/7 by phone or email, and can provide same-day care for those unscheduled care needs. When it comes to problem solving, we are flexible and responsive and we will react swiftly should a problem occur.

Responsiveness to our clients

Time and time again, our clients and their families tell us how much they really appreciate all the extra services we provide—the services that show them that we genuinely care about their family members as if they were our own.

Achieving higher Standards

Alta  Healthcare Services takes great pride in hiring the very best qualified and experienced caregivers to our team. All of our caregivers are licensed, State Certified Nursing Assistants or Geriatric Nursing assistants with years of experience. Our hiring process is rigorous, including: verbal and written skills assessments, interviews—including in-person interviews—health screenings, nationwide criminal background checks and personal reference checks. We only hire individuals that we would want caring for our own families.

Team Approach

A key contributor to Alta Healthcare Services client satisfaction is our team approach. We know that often the adult children, extended family, friends, doctors and physical therapists may be involved in working to support the senior, we integrate into the care team to provide the best possible support for our clients. We ensure communication and cooperation with the professionals that refer to us. This approach facilitates our clients receiving the very best care solutions possible.

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